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Only a Few are Looking at the Sky at the Right Moment by Madeleine Wurzburger

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From the shadows of medieval times, Madeleine Wurzburger uncovers buried things - obsolete professions, ancient ways, archaic language - and draws them out into the light. Through the voices of nuns, villeins, the yeoman’s wife, Godfrey grain-face and the sun itself, the miraculous becomes not just something distant, but an element intrinsic to life. Wurzburger illuminates the past and throws light on the present: our connection to the environment, the conflict between arrogance and humility and our unending wonder at the world.

Madeleine Wurzburger was a winner of the 2017/18 International Book & Pamphlet Competition with her pamphlet ‘Sleeve Catching Fire at Dawn’. Her poems appeared in the 2012 Flarestack Poets Pamphlet anthology and she was a shortlisted poet in the 2015 Bridport Prize. Her poems have been published in The Rialto, Long Poem Magazine and Prototype 1 (2019).